•  Change the negative image of Pit Bull like  dogs to a positive one in our community
  •  Provide shelter for the pets of abuse  victims  until they can get on their feet.
  •  Offer a rehabilitation program for animals  and people that heal as  they learn from  each  other.
  •  Purchase a bigger facility to house and  rehabilitate our rescues.

Our Mission

Animal Rescue in Augusta, GA


 We believe ignorance plays a huge role in animal over-population and neglect.  The key to this issue is EDUCATION! We can all agree that dogs, young or old, are adorable animals that warm our hearts and bring great joy to our families. However, so many individuals and families fail to consider the needs associated with that adorable puppy, adolescent, or adult dog. We strive to educate our community regardless of age and provide them with the resources to care for their animals throughout its various life stages. BKPUR will continue to fight for change on spay/neuter ordinances and animal abuse through community education programs.

BKPUR Short Term & Continuious Goals

BKPUR Long Term & Future Goals

 We are here to help all animals, but our passion is to save Pit Bull like  and special need dogs. We are determined to break down stereotypes  and discrimination that are caused by fear and ignorance in the human  and animal world through education. We fight so they don't have to! We  are their voice.

Brass Knuckle Pin Ups Rescue


Mi Amor


  • Decrease the amount of animals being euthanized due to owner surrender, neglect, abuse & over population
  • Educate the community on the importance of spay/ neuter and proper health care and resources available to them
  • Decrease animal neglect and abuse through education and community involvement program
  • Educate children from grades K-12 on issues such as how to approach an animal, how to properly care for a pet, spay/neuter, What is animal abuse, Link between animal and domestic abuse
  • Save the lives of those who have been broken
  • Work with local rescues and the community to improve animal welfare issues
  • Fundraise to provide for abuse cases, spay/neuter, education & community involvement programs
  • Work towards changing laws to better protect the animals on a local and national level