Hey guys! My name is Drake. I'm a really lovable  & goofy guy and quite handsome if you ask me!.  Look at my face! I'm  adorable and I have the  personality to match.  Everyone says that my  eyes draw people in! I do great with almost every  dog I meet. You can never have enough friends  right? I've learned my manners, like sitting and  walking well on a leash. I do need a special diet  to help my tummy.  I love the beach and couch  cuddles! I am currently heartworm positive which I will be getting treated for very soon! I'm ready when you are to snuggle up in  my forever home!  




Hi, my name is Truman and I am a yellow lab. I am just like most labs I'm told because I love the water and especially my tennis ball. I am different than other dogs I'm told because I am fearful of new people, that is unless thay have food or a tennis ball in hand. That means they are good people and not here to hurt me. The problem is most people don't want to take the time to get to know how awesome and fun I really am . Most people just want a dog that is perfect and doesn't have a past but I deserve a chance too. Anyway, I'm rambling. I'd love to meet you if you are willing to give me  a chance, everyone who knows the real me worked hard to save my life.


    Well hi there! I'm Nova, an amazing Pit mix  that is looking for the perfect home. Yes, I'm a  quite confident lady, full of energy and ready  to please. I am approx. 2 yrs old, but a real  lady doesn't tell. I am crate trained, I can't  have babies, I have a microchip already, and I  am up to date on vaccines and heart worm    prevention (didn't hurt a bit). Now, I'm the type  of girl that must be leash walked or supervised  while in a back yard, because I can climb or  jump fence, even though it's very high. I just  adore kids and most dogs. I am ready to shower  you with love in a forever home.  

      I'm one beautiful boy with a gorgeous,  light blue, brindle coat. I'm Joker and my  description is, well, no joke! Get it...no joke?  I am one fun- loving and active dog. I love to have  play sessions with my doggie buddies. I  also love to get wet and romp around the play yard.  I get dirty, but that just means I get to play in more  water! Don't worry  though, I clean up well and  can't wait to meet you.

     Hi there! I'm Tyler, a lab mix with black-mouth  cur. Don't worry, I can't make babies. I am house-  trained and crate- trained. (You might use a room in  your house to potty, but I go outside). I  can smile just like you can. I love cuddling more  than anything and give whole body hugs.  I love people like crazy and would make a  great companion. I prefer to be a couch potato,  but strolls in the woods are fine too. Whatever you  want to do is fine with me. I am healthy, but I have  a mild heart condition, but it doesn't affect  my lifestyle (just no marathons  please). 

     Hi everyone, My name is Misfit. I am one of many rescues that  was up for adoption. I received my name from super awesome and unique club foot. I may be different but that's what makes me special and stand out from the rest. I am crate trained but still need work on my manners. I just get so excited when I get to spend time with people that I can't help my self. I am full of energy and have one other dog friend that plays ruff like me. I might be little but I like to play rough and rowdy. I do eventually settle down and would love to spend the afternoon watching a movie with my family.

Mi Amor     " Mia"

Mia was our rescues poster child. She is what inspired us to start BKPUR as well as broke the mold on the stigma of Pit bull type dogs. Her bubbly personality was felt by all and she opened doors and minds to those that view pit bulls in a negative way. After all he never met a stranger and forgave humans that abused her. Unfortunately Mia passed in November of 2017 of Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE) which devastated all that meet and knew of her. It was amazing to see just how many were touched by Mia's spirit and mourned  her loss right along with me. I came close to closing the rescue she helped me found but after a few months of mourning decided Mia legacy was to continue. Mia's soul is one that could never be replaced and her legacy will never be forgotten through our work.It is because of her we will continue to save, educate and change laws for all animals.

The animals listed on this page are in need of sponsorship, fostering , medical treatment, Supplies or forever homes. All donations are tax deductible. All adoptions require approval of application, Home Check and $150 adoption fee. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in Fostering or adopting one of our kids.