Regulations We Must Follow

​BKPUR is so very fortunate to be in a community and surrounded by other communities that have some of the best citizens that share in our passion and commitment to save the lives of as many animals as possible. Despite such tireless effort, the harsh reality of over-breeding, the lack of education, and gross negligence on the part of some owners has created a vast number of animals that are in need of help, whether it be medical or they are in need a forever home. Brass Knuckle Pinups Rescue, Inc, (BKPUR) strives to take in as many dogs as we can, however our space is limited and currently, we are at capacity. As a non-profit rescue under the guidelines set forth by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the governing body of shelters and rescues in the state of Georgia, we are unable to take in stray animals or owner surrenders without the animals first being held at a shelter to undergo medical evaluations by a qualified veterinarian and a quarantine period to ensure that whatever medical issue(s) they may have does not put the other animals housed at the shelter at risk. Below is an excerpt from the Department of Agriculture"s website regarding rescues and the policies we must legally adhere to:

Sadly, we often receive messages asking if we are able to take in stray dogs or dogs that their owners can no longer care for. We kindly ask that you please take the animal to your local shelter or if the animal is in need of emergency medical care, to call animal control for your city or county so that the animal can receive the prompt care it requires. If you'd like to visit the Georgia Department of Agriculture's website for further details, we encourage you to do so. You can find all pertinent information at

​“Rescue Group” means any association or corporation operated as a non-profit organization and for the purpose of providing care and shelter to animals. Except rescue groups for equine, a rescue group that takes possession of animals and provides care and shelter must be licensed as an animal shelter or under written contract with a licensed animal shelter, in which case it will be considered an agent for the animal shelter and not an animal shelter itself. An equine rescue group operating for that purpose and maintaining any facility (including, without limitation, providing temporary care at a person’s private property) must meet all the requirements of a licensed stable. Rescue groups are not authorized to impound animals unless they are contracted by a government agency in Georgia to provide Animal Control Services. 1 ANIMAL PROTECTION CHAPTER 40 - 13 - 13 RULES OF GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE