Love Thy Neighbor Outreach Program
   This program is designed to get our rescue group out into the community offering resources and supplies to pet owners. BKPUR believes that pet owners don't have to be rich to love their pets. Heck, I can remember feeding my pets before I ate! Our mission is to educate and keep as many pets in their loving homes as possible. So with your help, we can offer pet supplies such as food, dewormer medication, cat litter, leashes, harnesses, dog houses, etc. Most of all, we can educate our community on proper pet care from training to spay and neutering, all the while offering a helping hand without judgment. If we want to change the future for these animals we must inform the community of the resources out there to assist them as well as build trust with our neighbors. If you'd like to donate used or new items or give monetary donations to support this program then please click on the "Donate" tab on the menu. If you'd like to be a part of the volunteer team that does this please click on the "Volunteer" tab in the menu.