Framed wall art

2016 BKPUR Calendar

100% proceeds go back to the animals!!!!

It'll Glow On You

Pit Bull print mug

The Earring Store

Human Apparel

Picture By Picture

Show the world you support our mission. Click the link  to be taken to our selection. Almost 50% of each shirt sale goes back to our rescue.

Jody Whitsell Artwork

Creative ear jewelry that tells tales

#Pay it forward  

Please check out these stores & businesses that support our efforts. Spend your money with the people that share a passion for animals like we do and give of their own time, supplies, and resources to support our mission.

Rescue magnets/ decals


Euro Pet Decals & Magnets for

Pet Lovers & Animal Rescuers

Nikki's Shop #justiceforfurbabies1

Cute Things N Stuff

BKPUR Store /Products

Dishwasher magnets

Shawn Shea Art

Pit Boss original art by Shawn Shea