Our Inspiration


Mia was and is our inspiration behind BKPUR. I was asked by a coworker if I would take in a paralyzed pitbull who's owner had become terminally ill and could no longer care for her. I immediately said yes with out thinking of how I would provide for this angel, if my own pack would accept her, and not knowing anything as about her. I met with Mia's mom, Cindy Porter, who informed me of her being abused as a puppy, which caused spinal damage at 7 weeks of age. Mia was also given a lot of pills to end her life. Subsequently, Mia's mom took her away from her abuser and gave her the chance she deserved. Mia's determination was off the charts. After meeting with Cindy I was more determined than ever that I had to provide this angel with what she needed. I contacted Channel 12 News and made a plea for help on Facebook. She received immediate help from Ted Earle, the owner of Graced Kennel and sponsor Team Stinky Kiss stepped up to donate a wheelchair that belonged to their late paralyzed pooch in 2006.The following day, I was to meet with Cindy to get Mia and have her evaluated by a vet and then off to receive her wheelchair from TSK. I had no idea how to care for a paralyzed pooch much less have the finances to do so. I set up an online fundraiser for Mia asking the community for help with this angel. For a week, I got to know this amazing little girl and discovered quite a few challenges I had ahead of me. My main concern was, would my pack accept her? My pack consist of 4 rescues from; a toy poodle to a pit bull. My pit bull was my main concern because he was used in dog fighting when I rescued him. It took a year to re-cooperate him enough to bring him into my home, but he still reacts to larger, dominant dogs. I prayed many days before I planned to introduce them. The day arrived and what an emotional day it was! Job, my pit bull, instantly fell head over heals for Mia and she knew he was her prince charming. The support from the community was amazing! From personal stories to donations, I was inspired. So, here we are a month later after getting Mia. The non-profit paper work was submitted, our domain name was registered, the website was built, and we started Mia's own clothing line. It's amazing what can be accomplished with determination, inspiration, and the emotional and financial support from countless, fellow dog lovers. Together, you helped us make this happen!

Mi  Amor