This program was implemented to save the lives of animals that have medical  issues that otherwise would be euthanized due to the increased expenses  necessary to regain their health. If you have you ever had an animal that was heart  worm positive or needed a life saving surgery to survive, then you are aware of the  immense costs that occur? Did you know, without some type of sponsorship, these  animals are the first to be euthanized in the shelter because of the added medical  expenses to treat them? Well, BKPUR believes they deserve the same chance as  any other animal, but sadly without the funding we can't save them all. We also  want to offer assistance to those families that are facing a financial hardship but  need a life saving treatment to save their family pet. There are certain financial  requirements that must be met to receive assistance. In return for the help their  pet receives, the owner must volunteer and give back to the community that helped  them when they needed it. Please specify which part of this program you want to  support in the instructions box for your online payment. This is a great opportunity to  give tribute and honor the memories of all pets whose lives could not be saved.