Hands To Paws Rescue

Player Line Up

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We want to get our rescue  pets off the sidelines and onto a warm couch in time for the Puppy Bowl (and that other Big Game)? This years Puppy Bowl will be Hands to Paws Rescue (H2P) vs Brass Knuckle Pin Ups Rescue (BKPUR). ‚ÄčEach adoption application taken from January 16th through February 4th will count as a filed goal ( 3 points) and every adoption will count as a touchdown. The rescue with the most points wins the 2018 Puppy Bowl, winner announced Feb.4th the same day as the Big Game. This is the 52nd Big Game so we are offering $52 discount on adoption fees during this promotion only! Check back soon to see our rescue line up.

Brass Knuckle Pin Ups Rescue 

Player Line Up

Line Up coming Soon!!!