Stray / Lost / Found Animals

In Georgia animals are considered property, there for any animal that is found stray or abandoned should be turned over to Animal Services in order to allow the owners a place  to claim them. The same can be said if you have a lost pet, it gives you a place to go to to report your pet missing in case they pick up an animal with your pets description. Do some animals get euthanized there? Yes they do, but unfortunately there are more animals than there are homes available. The good thing is they are humanely euthanized, they aren't suffering starving to death alone in the cold.I will say this, until you have rescued an animal that died hours after you rescued it due to starvation or rescued animals from an area where they don't have animal services can you appreciate the role and services they provide for the community. Do some animal shelters have room for improvement? Of course they do and so do the irresponsible pet owners of our community that contribute to euthanasia  rate.

We love and want to help all animals or we wouldn't dedicate our lives to saving them. However, we are a non profit rescue that is funded by donations from the public and a lot of times our own pockets. Aside from the financial responsibility, we must also have the space and people to care for each of the animals physical and mental needs that we take into our rescue. All of our operations from advertising and  emails to daily care and vet appointments are run by volunteers. We have approximately  a hand full of active volunteers who also have full time jobs and families that consume their schedules as well.Our rescue was started by 3 people who wanted to make a difference. Please don't trash rescue groups because they can't clean up all of the mess humans have caused. Do something, be a part of the solution not the problem. Donate, volunteer, foster, adopt, network, or start your own rescue but don't speak negatively about those that sacrifice their lives to make a difference in the life of that one animal they could help.We can however point you in the right direction on what steps to take.

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